Helpful Affordable Services


HOW IT WORKS search our islands for products and services that are helpful. We then work together with the providers to make them affordable to you. We accomplish this through free trade and easy payment plan. For example, say you have an old car taking up space. You can have us haul it away for you, and give you credit to get your yard landscaped for free. Or say you want your teeth fixed but insurance doesn't cover cosmetics and you cannot afford a lump sum, we can provide you service on an affordable payment plan.


Members choose us because we preemptively and proactively work to save them time, money, and energy, so that they have more to enjoy life the way they want with those they love. In another word, you can live a wealthier life without spending more money then you currently are because members before you have already paid the price. If however, you want to dramatically improve your quality of life beyond what other members have given, you would need to be willing and able to invest the difference in effort.

URYIB | Serving Society a.k.a. uCLUB is on a mission to Make You Happy because when you are, the world is a better place.  As a Member, you can call on us anytime for anything, and we’ll do our best to be of service to you.  Basic Membership is Free and Open to Everyone who can honor our One Rule, which is to Help Some One + Harm No One whenever possible.  So JOIN US TODAY if you haven’t already, and if you have, REFER your FRIENDS.  You’ll get $10 uBUX for each friend, and each friend will also get $10 uBUX to SHOP at uMARKET.