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URYIB.com makes it easier for you to get the products and services that you want.  Instead of searching through many websites or waiting to call individual professionals and/or businesses during their business hours, you can just utilize our 24/7 CONCIERGE SERVICES and we’ll take care all of that for you.  We’ll save you time, money, and energy now, as well as saving you from hassles and headaches later.  You can use our service as a starting point for you to verify, or as confirmation for the research that you have already done, or you can assign us a task and give us a budget, and have us handle all the details for you in your best interest.


URYIB.com helps professionals and businesses promote their products and services without any risk.  You can either pay us commission, which means there’s absolutely no upfront cost, or you can just pay us $100 annually with a 200% money back guarantee, which means you’ll double your return on investment either way.  Therefore, you clear at least $200 profit from our MARKETING SERVICES, or we’ll refund you your $100 plus pay you another $100 for your time.


URYIB.com helps Non-Profits design and set up AUTOMATIC FUNDRAISERS, which means we do all the work for you without charging you or your donors any fee whatsoever.  We are able to do this because we partner up with different Professionals and Businesses.  It’s an excellent way for them to give back to the community while promoting themselves without costing anything out of pocket.  We can also help you FIND VOLUNTEERS and SEEK IN-KIND DONATION as well.


URYIB.com offers 24/7 CONCIERGE SERVICES, at a nominal fee of only $30 an hour, which can be used in 5-minute increments, so that means for just $30 you can use our service up to 12 times if each of your requests can be fulfilled in 5 minutes or less.  If you are a Professional or you own or manage a Business, you can get our MARKETING SERVICES risk free.  You can choose performance base, where you only pay after you get paid from our effort.  You can also pay us a nominal fee of just $100 annually, and if we don’t at least bring you $200 in profit (net just revenue), we’ll refund your $100, plus give you the difference to ensure that you made a 200% return on investment.

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