What are uBUX?

uBUX are uCLUB's virtual money that can be used just like Cash on uMARKET.  uBUX allows you order online for free delivery or easier pickup. You can also book services to save time and avoid hassles. uBUX do not expire and can be transferred among Members.

Discover a Better Way

of Getting What You Want with What You Have

3 Ways to Earn uBUX

  1. Buy a Product or Service from a Local Business in our Network
  2. Enter Contests + Challenges Sponsored by uCLUB Businesses
  3. Leave Reviews to help others and improve future experiences

3 Ways to Use uBUX

  1. Spend it like would with Debit and Credit Cards on uMARKET
  2. Gift it to a Friend or Donate it to help a Cause of your Choice
  3. Invest it for a Better, Earlier, and More Secured Retirement